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WNUSP and a New Human Rights Treaty

WNUSP had a unique opportunity to influence the direction of human rights and disability. We have been working alongside other international, regional and national disability organizations to advocate for an international human rights treaty (or “convention”) for people with disabilities.


The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 13, 2006, and entered into force on May 3, 2008.  WNUSP was very happy with the resulting text.  We will be updating these materials as soon as possible.  Please see our Implementation Manual and the Cover Letter, linked below.

Convention Resources Page

PDFImplementation Manual

PDFCover Letter

UN Enable website

OHCHR disability website

Statements of WNUSP for the Meeting of Experts in Mexico City, June 2002


Issues of concern to users and survivors, such as eliminating forced treatment and forced detention, access to genuine rehabilitation and recovery-based supports, access to peer support, de-pathologizing and non-discrimination, access to independent housing, employment and economic empowerment, are all part of the advocacy for the convention.  The principles of self-determination and self-representation, that we make our own decisions and speak for ourselves, are part of the core of disability advocacy.  Disability advocacy also demands a shift away from a medical model that diagnoses deficits in the individual and towards a social model that makes society accountable for providing supports and eliminating discrimination.