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Minutes of Board Meetings, August 8th 2003 PDF Print E-mail

Friday 8th August 2003 at 14.00 Danish time 

Participants:                         Judi Chamberlin, Iris Hölling,  Karl Bach,  Mari Yamamoto                                           

Eva Rasmussen (secr.)

 Contact could not be made to Mary O’Hagan

 15 minutes later the following joined the conference:

                                             Gabor Gombos

                                            Sylvia Caras

                                            Tina Minkowitz

 The board members decided to appoint Tina Minkowitz as a co-opted member to the board, and Sylvia Caras as a consultant to the board.

 The mailing list of the WNUSP Board is corrected accordingly.

 The board members also decided to have 3 chair persons until the next general assembly. The statutes (attached) should be amended accordingly (paragraph 7.2).

 Amendments will be published on www.wnusp.org.

 Iris chaired the meeting after all had joined the telephone conference.

 Tina and Sylvia accepted their new appointments to the board.

 1. UN Disability Convention

 Acknowledgement was expressed on the quantity and quality of Tina’s work. WNUSP succeeded in making an international breakthrough, widely recognized.

 Tina mentioned the members of the working group – from WNUSP Tina is appointed, with Gabor as her alternate.

 As each NGO is responsible for electing their own representative WNUSP must accept, that people without a disability are represented in the working group – but will keep the issue in mind.

 WNUSP oppose the suggestion of an organization exclusively devoted to the convention. There has been too little cooperation between the NGOs to trust each other to represent everybody’s interests.

 Sylvia will mail her ideas on the subject to the board. Tina and Sylvia will try to make a compromise on the communicating structure. Question continues to be on the mailing list.

 To involve members Tina will mail a draft to Eva for distribution, also on the web.

 2. Letter to Kofi Annan

Gabor will send draft letter to the board.

 3. Japanese bill

The bill has been passed and WNUSP wants to protest strongly together with IDA – Tina will draft the letter.

 4. Workshops

Working group formed who will start the planning on e-mail. Karl, Judi, Iris and Gabor (Gabor mails material).

 9. UN Standard Rules supplement

Karl suggests WNUSP gives our full support, Tina mails her views.

 The remaining paragraphs on the agenda were postponed until the next telephone conference – Eva will mail suggested date and time.