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Minutes of Board Meetings, 6th November 2002 PDF Print E-mail


Wednesday 6th November 2002 08.00 AM Danish time

 Iris Hölling
Karl Bach
Mary O’Hagan
Tina Minkowitz (part of the meeting)
Eva Hansen (secr)

Contact could not be made to Masaji Koganezawa, Judi Chamberlin, Helen Connor

Iris chaired the meeting.

1. UN Disability Convention

Tina wants to include other people from the WNUSP board to influence the convention – there is decisions to be made in terms of strategy etc. Tina writes up the topics to be mailed to the board. Karl will examine the possibilities of joining the ad hoc meeting in May.

Karl contacts Kicki Nordström about the wanted feedback on IDA suggestions.

Next IDA meeting is in Stockholm 1st and 2nd March 2003 – WNUSP would like for Karl and Tina to participate – depending on funding possibilities (Karl is checking).

An advisory board of the Disability Rights Monitor Project is being established – WNUSP nominates Mary (Iris deputy).

2. Japan

Osaka meeting: Mary mails her notes.

Tokyo: Tina has mailed her impressions from the meeting, where Mary gave a speech.

Tina suggest that we need some WNUSP factual stuff, background material on our opinions ie on forced treatment. Mary will make a summary and start a discussion on the mailing list to gather materials and opinions for the board to consider.

3. World Bank

Tina will represent WNUSP at the meeting on 3rd December in Washington. There is no fee, but also no funding for stay or travel. WNUSP Pamphlets are sent to Tina to exhibit during the meeting.

Tina left the telephone conference at this point.

4. Board of WNUSP

Gisela has retired from the board, Eva contacts her deputy Elisabet Thor-Larsen, Vancouver. Iris writes to Gisela.

Masaji has not reacted to any requests about his membership, he is contacted once more also in letter. If he does not respond, Mary will ask Mari Yamamoto to replace him in the board.

Paul Serebro from South Africa has agreed to represent WNUSP at the Tunis meeting – after his report he will be considered for a seat in the board.

Iris will keep in touch with a person from Brazil, who recently has been active on the mailing list.

Helen Connor has not reacted either to the mails. Karl will forward information about a woman in India, who might take over.

5. General assembly

LAP (the Danish Association) has received funding for the next 3 years, which should give more space for Eva to do more for the network. Karl and Eva will look into the possibilities of arranging a board meeting in Denmark, and also the general assembly. If members have to find funding themselves for their travel, it is necessary to get date and place published well beforehand.


Mary has been asked to give a speech in Australia 2003. Karl sends material to Mary regarding the (broken) promises from WFMH. Iris will mail Sylvia Caras.

Next telephone conference will be planned by e-mail.