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Minutes of Board Meetings, 4th April 2003 PDF Print E-mail


Friday 4th April 2003 03.00 PM Danish time

 Iris Hölling
Judi Chamberlin
Karl Bach
Mari Yamamoto
Sylvia Caras
Tina Minkowitz 

Eva Hansen (secr) 

Apologies from Mary O’Hagan

1. Up-To-Date on:

IDA Meeting: Karl has attended the meeting in Stockholm and succeeded in convincing the participants to change the proposal in several ways for IDA to produce a more general document for the coming ad hoc meeting. Tina is still working on the convention – see mailing list for details. Karl will send the material to all the board again. Karl is working out a web site for IDA, where the documents will be published. We will put it on www.wnusp.org as well.

 Athens Meeting (EU): Karl has attended this EU-meeting as a guest of the Greek ministry of health. The Council of Europe declaration was discussed. ENUSP, Mind Link, Austria were among the participants. Karl and the chairman of ENUSP were the only user/survivor representatives.

 Melbourne Meeting (WFMH): Sylvia reported from the meeting, better than Vancouver, but fewer participants. Sylvia is now no longer a member of the board. WFMH has been invited by WHO to further "advocacy" projects to develop country legislation, and Sylvia suggest WNUSP to get into this work as well.  WNUSP was missed, but referred to the mailing list, and Sylvia got names and addresses. To be followed up by Eva and Sylvia.

2. Coming meetings

 Madrid Meeting (EDF): Karl is participating in this European Disabilities Forum meeting – a report will be forwarded.

 Quito Meeting: Tina and Sylvia are going. Basic documents are sent out. Use the IDA declaration.  DPI will be present. Karl suggests making contacts in order to find a WNUSP board member from Latin America. Judi is making contacts in Peru, and Tine with Ecuadorians. Tine has the WNUSP folder translated into Spanish.  

WHO Meeting in Spain: It was not possible for Elisabet Thor-Larsen to attend, and she has afterwards announced that she does not want to be a part of the WNUSP board any more. In stead Kay Sheldon, Mind Link UK will participate for WNUSP and report back.

WHO documents for comments: Karl will send them to the board, incl. Tina.

 Ad hoc and IDA in New York: Judi, Tina and Karl (first week) will attend. Karl has been invited to Vienna for another meeting in the weekend. Sylvia will be present some of the time.

 Tina wants in the next telephone conference a discussion of WNUSP being more organized and coordinated, as well as the formal relationship to SCI.

 Mary has given a presentation on forced treatment in Melbourne – please mail this to the board, Mary!

 UN Accreditations for the ad hoc meeting: Eva will once more try to contact Akiko Ito.

3. Japan Bill

 Mary has asked for comments on the statement to the Japan Bill – the board agrees totally and Eva will forward official letter – Mari gives the addresses.

4. Possibilities of funding workshop meetings 2003

 Karl knows of a Finnish Foundation, which may finance meetings in developing countries. If a local member applies, the contribution could be 10.000 EURO per project. In this way it would be possible to meet the members of developing countries to discuss local issues, conventions and give the board a possibility of meeting.

 The priority was agreed to be 1) India, 2) South Africa and 3) Latin America – depending on the contacts we will able to get in these places. Please send all relevant names to Karl.

5. Possibility of general assembly 2005

 ENUSP has asked WNUSP to join them at their assembly in 2005. Karl suggests Ellsinore Denmark. Reservation should be made by the autumn of 2003 for an assembly in October 2004. Agenda should include regional events and the possibility of joint membership, news letter etc.

 This matter will be discussed again in the next telephone conference.

 6. Approvals

 Judi offers to help Eva with the official UN application.

 Karl checks details re UNESCO approval.

 ILO – Judi checks it – web.

7. To be done:

Membership situation: List has been sent to the board. Eva sends to Sylvia as well.  

The WNUSP Board need as many activists to take part in the work as possible – and welcomes the efforts made by Tine and Sylvia. As many invitations as possible should be accepted.  

News Letter: should be sent out within the next two months, both mail and paper. Send relevant articles etc. to the secretariat. 

Editorial group: Karl, Judi, Iris and Eva.

 Web site: Eva is able to take over the maintenance of www.wnusp.org now, if we get a small program to do it. Costs approx US $ 350. WNUSP has 300 on its bank account; the Danish Association will pay the rest, and for the time being also pays for the telephone conferences. The Board expressed their gratitude to LAP!

9.  Board roles and duties

Karl expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that he does a lot of the work in the board, but has no status at meetings as WNUSP chair person. The board recognized Karl’s efforts and agreed to make him a chair person, and Iris will until next meeting contemplate her resignation – it is also a possibility to have 3 chair persons. 

Business cards for the board: Eva will make a proposal. 

Iris will draft a letter to Elisabet Thor-Larsen about her decision to withdraw from the board.

 Next telephone conference will be in May before the 23rd – Eva will send mails.