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Introduction to WNUSP
  • is an international organization of users and survivors of psychiatry
  • advocates for human rights of users and survivors
  • speaks internationally for users and survivors
  • promotes the user/survivor movement in every nation around the globe
  • links user/survivor organizations and individuals throughout the world


WNUSP grew out of users’ and survivors’ demands for recognition and representation.  Originally meeting at the biennial World Federation for Mental Health conferences, the network is now a permanent international organization.


Join us in the WNUSP by following instructions on our website.

Contact the board member nearest you to find out how to get involved in WNUSP actions.


Action Plan for the WNUSP, August 2004

Promote human rights

  • Support national and international human rights efforts
  • Lobby for international legal recognition and implementation of user/survivor rights with the UN and other international organisations
  • Continue the work on the UN Convention for the Human Rights of persons with disabilities according to the resolutions adopted in Vejle
  • Facilitate lobbying national governments to support WNUSP’s positions in the UN Convention
  • Fight the White Paper of the EU
  • Continue cross-disability cooperation as in IDA and networking with other potential allies

Develop national and international user/survivor networks

  • Support the creation of a Pan African and an Americas Regional/Continental Network of users and Survivors of Psychiatry
  • Continue cooperation with ENUSP
  • Promote organisation in countries where user/survivor network is underdeveloped
  • Develop capacity building workshops for strengthening user/survivor organisations and for establishing them in countries where no organisations exist according to the needs formulated by the users/survivors in those countries

Promote the WNUSP as the international voice of users and survivors of psychiatry

  • Publish regular WNUSP newsletter and website (suggest member organization might publish electronic newsletter)
  • Build the WNUSP as international NGO
  • Organize the next general assembly (proposal to run it in Africa and African members taking responsibility for it together with the board)
  • Create a monthly internet conference for users survivors to talk about our issues
  • Create an email list for WNUSP members for consultation and information-sharing

Develop the network’s long term funding strategy (fundraising committee)

  • Finding funding for running WNUSP, paying someone to run the secretariat, assuring the communication of the board through telephone conferences and board meetings, newsletter, website and other means of communication with the members,
  • Finding funding for WNUSP activities such as human rights work, capacity building

Develop knowledge about alternatives to the medical model

Create an oral history of user/survivor stories and promote it via the website