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19 August 2015, WNUSP side-event at UN OHCHR on CRPD article 6, Violence against women and girls with disabilities, intersectional and double violence in medical and institutional settings, watch the video here:  http://www.treatybodywebcast.org/crpd-14-public-side-event-on-violence-against-women-and-girls-with-disabilities-intersectional-and-double-violence-in-medical-and-institutional-settings-world-network-of-users-survivors/

30 March 2015, WNUSP side event at UN OHCHR on CRPD article 15 and its potential to end impunity for torture in psychiatry, watch the video here : http://www.treatybodywebcast.org/crpd-13-wnusp-side-event-on-article-15-english-audio/

8 April 2014, WNUSP side event at UN OHCHR on CRPD article 12, Legal Capacity, watch the video here: http://www.treatybodywebcast.org/crpd-11-side-event-on-legal-capacity-organized-by-wnusp-english-audio/


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