WNUSP - World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
Dear Members of World Network and friends

It is with great sadness that we announce the resignation of Tina Minkowitz from WNUSP. Tina has contributed greatly to the growth of the Network and we extend our deepest gratitude for her leadership, initiatives and hard work over the past years.

The Board of WNUSP continues with Jolijn Santegoeds and Salam Gomez as co-chairs. The 4 regions are represented as follows :

In the Africa Region: Daniel Iga and Sam Badege are the voting delegates with Robinah Alambuya as a deputy

In the Asia/Pacific Region: Mari Yamamoto and OhYong Kweon are the voting delegates with (vacancy) as a Deputy.

In the Europe Region: Jolijn Santegoeds as Co-Chair and Gabor Gombos are the voting delegates and (vacancy) as deputy.

In the America’s Region, Salam Gomez as Co Chair and Alejandra Monge Arias are the voting delegates and (vacancy) as deputy.

The World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry continues to represent the voice of all users and survivors of psychiatry and people with psychosocial disabilities. WNUSP, building on its traditions, is entering a new stage of organisational development and capacity building.

Yours Sincerely 
Jolijn Santegoeds
Salam Gomez

Introduction to WNUSP

WNUSP is an international organization of users and survivors of psychiatry.This small brochure gives a brief introduction to WNUSP, our history, our plans and how you can get involved. 

WNUSP and a New Human Rights Treaty

WNUSP had a unique opportunity to influence the direction of human rights and disability. We have been working alongside other international, regional and national disability organizations to advocate for an international human rights treaty (or “convention”) for people with disabilities.

WNUSP contact information

Read here for e-mail addresses to WNUSP board members. Feel free to contact WNUSP for further information, membership information or other questions.